Amanda Knox Could Be Sent Back to Italy After Guilty Verdict

Amanda Knox Could Be Sent Back to Italy After Guilty Verdict

On Thursday, in Florence, Italy an appeals court found Amanda Knox and her former boyfriend guilty of murdering British girl Meredith Kercher in 2007; Knox, who lives in the U.S. could be sent back to Italy after the guilty verdict was reached. The 26 year-old student and her ex boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito had both been convicted of the murder, which was then overturned in 2011.

American Horror Story the Seven Wonders: Review

American Horror Story the Seven Wonders: Review

American Horror Story and its last episode, The Seven Wonders made for a bittersweet reviewing experience. Just as the first two seasons of the show were difficult to leave behind at the end; season three leaves the viewer wishing that this segment was not the last. By the time the closing credits rolled, there was an undeniable sense of disappointment; not in the show’s plot or mechanization, but in the things still left hanging or not touched in the final show.


FCC Gives Two TV Stations Permission to Share Same Channel

FCC Gives Two TV Stations Permission to Share Same Channel

It has been reported that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has given two TV stations permission to share the same channel, i.e. the same spectrum wavelength. The two Los Angeles “test” stations actually asked the commission to be allowed to share airwaves to see if doing so would cause the quality of their signals to become deteriorated. KJLA-TV, which is a commercial television station, has teamed up with KLCS-TV, a non-commercial station and they will be spearheading the bold move as part of an FCC plan to take back spectrum from local broadcasting television stations.

Justin Bieber Deportation Unnecessary?

Justin Bieber Deportation Unnecessary?

The news that Justin Bieber was the subject of a deportation petition has not even dried on the metaphorical page yet and it looks like this action may be unnecessary. It seems that the Toronto Police have officially charged the 19 year-old pop star with assault at 9:40 p.m. after the singer turned himself in to the Toronto Police Department.

Justin Bieber Turns Himself in to the Canadian Mounties

Justin Bieber Turns Himself in to the Canadian Mounties

With the long arm of the Miami police department reaching out for him, Justin Bieber has turned himself in to the Canadian Mounties, or as they are known above the border, the Toronto Police Department. While Bieber has been in the news most recently for throwing eggs as well as for DUI, resisting arrest and driving with an expired license in 2014, he was wanted for questioning in relation to assault allegations from back in December 2013 in his home country.


The Following: Binge Watching and Kevin Bacon

The Following: Binge Watching and Kevin Bacon

Now that season two of The Following has started in earnest on FOX newcomers to one of the best crime thrillers on television may need to binge watch all of season one and get up to snuff on Kevin Bacon and his character Ryan Hardy. For those who have neither the time, nor the desire, to watch back-to-back Bacon a small recap of the previous 15 episodes may just be in order. Do not panic, it is not essential to go over each and every segment in order to segue effortlessly into the latest installment of the crime show.

Quentin Tarantino Sues Gawker ANONFILES for The Hateful Eight Leak

Quentin Tarantino Sues Gawker ANONFILES for The Hateful Eight Leak

To paraphrase the 1976 film Network, Quentin Tarantino is mad as hell and he isn’t going to take it anymore; in fact, he has sued Gawker and ANONFILES.COM for The Hateful Eight leak. The Django Unchained director/producer is asking for $2 million in damages over the script’s publication by the website, which specializes in celebrity gossip and the anonymous website – ANONFILES – that Gawker led its readers to so they could read the 146 page draft screenplay.