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Serendipity - Seeking Intelligent Life On Earth

I’m totally sure this is not what they had in mind when they suggested this

Weekly Writing Challenge: Three Ways to Go Gonzo

Gonzo Geordie had an ax

To give her daddy forty whacks.

When that job was goodly done

Gonzo’s mom got forty-one.”

The neighborhood children, they be singin’ my song. Agin. My name be Gonzo. I love when they sing my song. I’m some body big. Biggest. Right Doc? Gonzo is famous. I’m a see-leb-ree-tee. Real deal.

“But why did you kill them? Your mother, your father,” Dr. Welby is asking me. Again. “Why? Did they hurt you?”

“No M’am” I tell him, smiling, friendly-like. I like Dr. Welby. Nice man. Can I can kill him too? Split that big head of his’n right down the middle. Like a melon. “No siree, nothin’ like that. They wuz always good to me.” I pause. I wait. He waits. We…

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