The Following: Freedom Split Forces (Recap/Review)

The Following: Freedom Split Forces (Recap/Review)

Joe Carroll goes through the business of brainwashing his new flock into killing without reservation in The Following: Freedom he also has some dissatisfaction brewing in the ranks and it won’t be long before he splits his forces to take on three different factions. Two men wearing white Joe Carroll masks slice and dice their way through a crowded cafe and while Ryan Hardy and Mike Weston are investigating, Emma is busy trying to seal Mandy’s fate as a “lost cause.” Ryan is getting more involved with the Carrie Cook and Claire wants to see Hardy. Joe wants Emma to keep Robert in line and her doing so moves her up that little bit more in the power stakes in his new cult.

Lydia Ansel: Interview with Andre’ Haynes

Lydia Ansel: Interview with Andre’ Haynes

In what will be a regular feature in the Guardian Liberty Voice, the publication is again very pleased to feature another interview from Andre’ Haynes who had a chat with the lovely and talented Lydia Ansel. This impressive individual with a long list of accomplishments took time out of her busy schedule to have a talk about her achievements and to impart some valuable advice for those who might benefit from it.

The Walking Dead Finale and Barbecued Beth?

The Walking Dead Finale and Barbecued Beth?

The Internet is awash with articles about last night’s The Walking Dead finale and whether or not that plate of barbecued meat was the remnants of missing Beth. Admittedly, it is easier to expect the worst possible scenario whenever a major character goes missing. Especially when said character has had some sort of personal epiphany and grows because of it.

The Walking Dead Season Finale: A Reckoning

The Walking Dead Season Finale: A Reckoning

The Walking Dead Season four finale, A was a reckoning all right, just as Joe promised. Unfortunately things don’t go as they should for just about everyone in this week’s show. After watching the sneak preview at the end of last week’s episode, Us, fans of the show were shown a blood drenched Rick sitting and he appeared to be shaken. This one clip, along with the Twitter rumor mill that was going full blast, put fans in gore mode and they readied themselves for the possibility that at least one main character was going to be dispatched. Messily.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Teaser Ape Army (Video)

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Teaser Ape Army (Video)

In keeping with the theme of a post apocalyptic world, the first teaser of the upcoming Dawn of the Planet of the Apes aired during the season finale of The Walking Dead and it shows an Ape army ready to ride into battle. Timing for the teaser clip shown on AMC during the Dead season four finale could not have been better for maximum coverage.

The Walking Dead and Social Networking Changing the Way We Watch TV

The Walking Dead and Social Networking Changing the Way We Watch TV

About two years ago it became apparent that the way we watch TV has changed with the increased presence of the Internet, but waiting for the season four finale of The Walking Dead, in sheer agony wondering who will die and who will survive to the next season, it is clear that social networking has specifically changed how we react to popular and unpopular television. Shows like American Idol and X Factor already rely on social networks to spread the word of who has made into the next round and who’s been voted out.

Gwyneth Paltrow Snubs Yoga Teacher Who Coined Phrase Conscious Uncoupling?

Gwyneth Paltrow Snubs Yoga Teacher Who Coined Phrase Conscious Uncoupling?

On Gwyneth Paltrow’s website, the most read post is the conscious uncoupling article which snubs the yoga teacher who actually coined the phrase and instead relies upon two “experts” who explain the term. However neither of these people, apparently, have anything to do with the process.