Jennifer Lawrence Oscars Fall Take Two (Video)

Jennifer Lawrence Oscars Fall Take Two (Video)

America’s “Girl Next Door” Jennifer Lawrence has taken a tumble again and her Oscars fall take two was captured for posterity and posted on YouTube. We’ve included the footage of the 23 year-old American Hustle actress falling yet again at the Academy Awards; this time on the red carpet as she headed toward the awards ceremony.


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5 thoughts on “Jennifer Lawrence Oscars Fall Take Two (Video)”

  1. Despite her success and obvious talent, Lawrence has not quite yet reached the peak – and could well become the top lady in the movie trade. Yet she could also fall back into the pack. She has placed herself in the unique position of being one of the few actresses who can pick and chose her work. BUT what she chooses will tell the tale and make the difference from here on.
    We shall how wise she is.


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